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Swerve the Hand Churned: A Guide to the City's Best Soft Serve 😋🍦

Soft serve. A childhood favorite and a summertime staple.

Our once simple chocolate or vanilla soft serve options have been updated with crazy flavors and wild combinations.

No, we aren’t just talking about matcha.

We’ve all been there, done that.

Check out this guide for flavors such as Ube Purple Yam, Taro, Black Sesame, and Pickle… yes, pickle.

Soft Swerve (85B Allen St, Manhattan)



With flavors like Ube Purple Yam, Almond Cookie, Matcha Green Tea, and Black Sesame, there is no way this is just “another soft serve place”!

Get ready to make some big decisions when it comes to your unique combination. From swirls to cones to plenty of crunchy and chewy topping options, bring your soft serve fantasies to life at this spot.  

TAIYAKI NYC (119 Baxter St, Manhattan) 


This Japanese ice cream shop serves ice cream in both creative and delicious ways that will have you coming back for more.

Satisfy those sugar cravings with soft serve served in a fish-shaped cone or a unicorn float.

To make your own Taiyaki, you are presented with soft serve options such as vanilla, chocolate, matcha, or black sesame and toppings that include mochi, sprinkles, and wafers.  

Juice Press (7 West 33rd St, Manhattan)


Who knew Juice Press served soft serve?

The company just launched a soft-serve line available in two flavors: Chocolate and Berry. This organic plant-based soft serve is the perfect treat for a clean-eating enthusiast. The recipe contains no dairy, no refined sugars, and absolutely no processed ingredients. 

Guilt-free treats without regrets!

Wukongus (109-b Lafayette St, Manhattan)


What’s better than one childhood favorite?

Two childhood favorites! Surrounding the soft serve at Wokungus is a ring of cotton candy to take you back to your childhood dreams.

This Chinatown hidden gem is scheduled to open again soon. After being closed for the winter, I think we all could throw it back to some nostalgic summer days.

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. (513 Amsterdam Ave, Manhattan)


Pickle soft serve. Say what?!

Just when we thought matcha soft serve was the craziest soft serve flavor, Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. sent another one our way.

If you can’t pick between these two unique flavors, the restaurant offers a swirl option of the two blended together. Matcha and pickle swirl. 

BESFREN (315 5th Ave, Manhattan)


This Korean dessert brand serves some of the classic Asian flavors we have come to love.

Matcha soft serve seems to be popular among a few other places that offer soft serve, but Taro Soft Serve is definitely more for the adventurous type. In addition to their beverages and hand-crafted pastries, they put together the most artistically pleasing matcha and taro swirl soft serve.

Mister Dips (111 N 12th St, Brooklyn) 



Operating out of the
 retro RV located in the park outside the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg Mister Dips offers burgers, waffle fries, and the beloved “dairy dips.”

Ice-cream cones in your favorite flavors (like chocolate and strawberry)  soft serve covered in dipped shells to creating flavor explosions.

We love the banana Split Dip, a banana-strawberry-swirl dipped in chocolate (with a cherry on top).

If the designed dips to tickle your fancy, you're free to mix and match the soft serve and dips any which way your heart desires.

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