So hopefully you already have some fun, festive, and free activities lined up for this upcoming Fall season. 

If you still feel like some of your Saturdays are free and you've already finished Stranger Things, we have something else for you to add to your Google Calendar.

Socrates Sculpture Park has installed "Monument to Walken".

Thanks to artist, Bryan Zanisnik, the park is now the proud owner of a concrete bust of Christopher Walken.

Yes, that is necessary if you were wondering. Just when you thought you've seen everything New York City has to offer... YOU'RE WRONG!

According to Time Out, the installation of the sculpture park is part of the Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition. This exhibition is displaying the work of 15 young artists scattered all around the park.

The fifteen artists were chosen from dozens of candidates and have been working on their installations since June.


Are you sold yet? You can also hang around the park (open 365 days a year), hit up the Greenmarket, do some FREE yoga and tai chi classes!


So... anyone want to go for a walken the park?? We couldn't not make that joke!

[via TimeOut][Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]