This Brand New NYC Hotel Rooftop Bar Is Absolutely Everything Right Now | spoiled NYC

Nice weather we're having, eh? 

Maybe it's raining and generally super gross out, but that sure as hell isn't going to stop us from enjoying all the rooftop bars that are opening for the season in New York City.

In addition to all our favorite rooftops reopening, there's also a ton of amazing new spots coming to NYC this summer, and we're super psyched to try them out. 

Hell's Kitchen's new rooftop bar, Social Drink & Food, opened last week on the fourth floor of the YOTEL hotel (570 10th Avenue), and it looks incredible. 

In addition to the dope rainbow decor, the menu prices are super reasonable. We're pleasantly surprised. We're totally willing to drop $7 for a glass of wine or beer and $12 for a cocktail, especially when we get to enjoy them in such a rad atmosphere. 

The cocktail you've got to try is the Tropical Triple, which is a delicious mix of rum, pine and coconut syrups served in a pineapple. YES PLEASE. 

The food menu also doesn't disappoint. Guests can look forward to items such as Cobb Salad with grilled romaine, sliced Steak Frites, chimichurri, and DIY Chicken Shashlik.

The venue is also hosting a summer movie series in partnership with London-based company, Rooftop Cinema Club. Tickets are already sold out for the month of pay, but the event is running through September. Each $30 ticket includes the cost for the screening, wireless headphones, and a food and drink pairing. 

Um, sign us up... please? 

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[via Gothamist]