Meet the Queens: 'So You Think You Can Drag?' Has Officially Returned to NYC!

There's never a shortage of entertainment in New York City, especially when it comes to drag. 

From the Great White Way to back room cabarets at local bars, it seems like drag queens are taking the main stage just about everywhere you look.

But sometimes, there's a standout show that deserves a bit more than a dollar in the tip bucket.

One such show is the epic 9-week drag competition 'So You Think You Can Drag?' on Thursday nights at the legendary off-Broadway venue New World stages, created and hosted by Showbiz Spitfire Paige Turner.

Now in it's seventh year, So You Think You Can Drag? has launched the careers of many NYC queens that are now internationally known, like RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen and entertainer extraordinaire Sutton Lee Seymour. 

So come on out Thursday nights at 11 p.m. to New World Stages (340 West 50th Street) and see these queens go after after that crown! Your guess is as good as mine to who's going to come out on top. As mama RuPaul says, "Good luck and don't f**k it up!"

This year brings a new batch of energetic and vivacious queens, from a seasoned legend in her own right to a queen who's just started her drag journey this year. Let's meet them, shall we? 

1. Adriana Trenta


Causing waves for way more than just her twerking abilities, this go-go boy turned drag queen is the youngest of the bunch but has the fire and gusto of a queen who's been in heels for years.


From Hell's Kitchen to the West Village, she brings her experience as a trained dancer with her fearless attitude to bust a groove like none other. Keep that booty popping, girl. 

2. Apocalypta


Cut the lights and get ready for a scare! As a professional make-up artist, the devilishly talented Apocalypta puts some frighteningly good looks together, taking drag art to a whole new level.

Although it looks like she'll bite your head off and swallow it whole, she's actually one of the sweetest things to ever go bump in the night, proving that looks can be deceiving!

3. Bella Noche


Part Disney princess, part Brooklyn chola, this hot young thing is proving she's much more than just pretty face. After her smash debut up at the West End Lounge, this sultry siren is taking no prisoners.

Known for her flawless fashion and incessant wig changes, a heel less than four inches might as well be a flat to Bella, serving fish on a silver, glittery platter. Check your makeup before you come for her.

4. Beverly Leslie Sills


A one-two punch of classic Hollywood beauty and a voice that hits the rafters, this queen more than knows how to put on a show. Her creativity is only matched by her quick wit and sharp humor.

She hosts the weekly Brokeback Bingo at Albatross Bar in Astoria, Queens and playing with balls has never been more fun. Get ready to clutch your pearls at what she's busting out with this season.

5. Clarice DuBois


The reigning Miss Charm City Triple Threat 2016, Clarice knows no limits when it comes to entertaining. She can sing, she can dance, she can act and she can sew. What more could you ask for?

Consistently giving you that voluptuous body-ody-ody, this queen is quite the head-turner. Hailing from Ellicott City, Maryland, she's taking NYC by storm, one stage at a time. 

6. Emi Grate

The exotic social justice warrior princess, Emi Grate is true to her name. An expat from Burma, she uses social media to champion social equality and change. Oh, and also to read people to filth.

An enthusiastic member of #TeamGlitterBrows, her masterful makeup skills are only second to her captivating voice, which earned her the Week 1 win of the competition. She's one to keep your eye on.

7. Gina Tonic


Broadway's Baritone Beltress, Gina Tonic is a stiff drink of both talent and charisma. With an infectious smile and a belt that will knock your socks off, she's an entire show in one timeless package.

She's made her way to NYC from the sunny streets of L.A. and is ready to show that the West and East coasts can come together and produce something incredible after all. 

8. Gloria Swansong


The proven fashionista of Season 7, Gloria's tagline is "Costume Designer by day, Drag Glamour Toad by night." And it couldn't be more true. Her meticulous looks are only part of her appeal though.

She was also last year's winner of Reddit's Lip Sync For Your Life contest, proving she can do much more than sew a gorgeous gown. Prepare to be left gagging on her eleganza.

9. Vicky Boofont


A seasoned queen who pulls out all the stops in everything she does, Vicky sets the standard for what being a true drag queen means. She's been entertaining since the mid-90's, and it more than shows.


Originally from Reno, Nevada, Vicky isn't afraid to give you that ultimate showgirl fantasy. Her ability to think way outside the box got her Week 1's runway win: Stranger Things' Barb back-to-school realness. 

10. Whendy Whaxwood


Nabbing her first bit of drag stardom as Miss Stonewall 2016, the only thing bigger than Whendy's bust is her shining personality. She is the true embodiment of a crowd-pleaser.

Also a talented seamstress, she's created her own, unique fashion line dubbed The House of Whax. Her golden performance earned her the runner up spot in Week 1, and there's much more to come. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Facebook] 

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