Got plans this weekend? 

Unless they consist of Netflix, sweatpants, and booze, you'll probably want to reconsider, because your options might get pretty limited if Mother Nature has her way. 

You might have been outside catching snowflakes on your tongue this past weekend, but those flakes might turn into a significant amount of snow this weekend. 

Most major weather forecasts for New York City (including NBC New York and The Weather Channel) indicate that NYC might experience its first snowstorm of the season, bringing a 'plowable' amount of snow. 

The storm is projected to start with rain and sleet on Friday, with rain turning into snow on Friday night. 

The snow is expected to continue throughout the day on Saturday, with the potential to stick to surfaces for several days due to below freezing temperatures. 


Caused by offshore moisture, freezing temperatures, and a low pressure system over the south, it is yet to be determined how much snow will fall onto our streets this weekend. 

Luckily for most New Yorkers, the weekend timing of the storm doesn't seem as if it will affect many commutes. 

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Most of us will be able to watch from the comfort of our apartments as the snow glides to the ground while many more of us will be out enjoying it with some snow sports or sledding. 

Though we got our first real glimpse of winter this past weekend, we could be in for a real winter storm, so prepare yourselves with the essentials: your parent's Netflix password, a couple bottles of wine, and a variety of Bagel Bites and Hot Pockets to last you through the weekend. 

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[via NBC New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]