Do you fancy yourself a Donatello, a Michelangelo, or a Bernini? Are you pretty positive you'd be a sculpting prodigy if only you were given the chance?

Well, this is your moment, you own it, you better never let it go, because the High Line is hosting sculpting contests this winter every time it snows.

Since the city issued a Severe Weather Warning for this weekend, it's definitely supposed to snow on Saturday. It might even turn into a blizzard.

Which is why we're pretty sure there's going to be a High Line Sculpt-Off this weekend. Follow the High Line on Twitter for confirmation that they're open to visitors; they'll announce their sculpting contests there every time it snows until February 28th.

So, if you're wondering about the date and time for the sculpting contest, we can't tell you that. All we can tell you is that it's happening every time it snows at the High Line until February 28th.

We can also tell you that those who show up to sculpt will have the chance to win prizes from The Standard High Line, Chelsea Piers, REI, Melt Bakery, La Newyorkina, Blue Bottle Coffee, People's Pops, and L'Arte del Gelato.


The contest will continue running until March 1st, when the High Line will share the entries on social media and invite the High Line community to vote. There will be two winners in each category. The first category is adults only, and the second category is adults and children.

Oh, you can also enter by team. You can enter as a team of up to five people. So, squad-up already. 

Once you've created your masterpiece from snow, it'll be up to you to immortalize it. All you have to do is snap a picture of your creation and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #Sculptoff and then your team category, either #family or #grownups.

highlinenyc Thanks to the efforts of staff and volunteers, the park has reopened! Stop by to enjoy the beautiful views or participate in our Snow #SculptOff. Learn more about the contest here: Photo by Karen Blumberg

If you are planning to make it out to the High Line this weekend, this is where sculpting will happen: The Porch at 15th Street, the 10th Avenue Square between 16th and 17th Streets, the 22nd Street Seating Steps, and The Crossroads at 30th Street.

You are allowed to include props in your creation. However, you're not allowed to pick or use plants in your sculpture or do anything lewd or obscene. 

You stoked? We are too. Now, we just need Storm Jonas. Ready, set, sculpt!

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[Feature Image Courtesy ccho/Flickr]