In New York City, rats are our best friends. 

We pal up next to them while we're waiting for trains at Union Square, we chat with them on our way home from work, and we even share pizza with them every once in a while.

So when we heard that rats had a dandy old time frolicking in the snowfall from Storm Jonas last weekend, we were pleased.

There were more than a few instances of the cute little guys scurrying through the snow. 

Captured on film by Instagram user @Ale_Rivera, there was one little #SnowRat who took his jolly time running around in the snow, and then when he got tired and needed a rest, he crawled into a tire to take a nice warm break.

Further down the road, another snow rat was having her way in the sparkly, fluffy, snowy expanse of the land. As, you know, we've come to expect.

There was, however, an unforeseen complication. The puppies of NYC have yet to accept NYC's rats complete domination of the city. 

How do you know you're in Brooklyn?Snow Rats

Posted by John N Wlaysewski on Saturday, January 23, 2016

All throughout all five boroughs, snow puppies were tempted by snow rats. In fact, the puppy in the video below stretched to the very end of her leash, trying to get to the snow rat.

Did the puppy want to play with the rat? We doubt it, which is why the dog's owner prevented her from pouncing on her prey.

Meanwhile, in Bushwick, plenty of other NYC #SnowRats had a blast, chased each other around, and embraced the spirit of the blizzard.

Bushwick resident John Wlaysewski took a video of the Bushwick rats scampering along Bushwick Avenue and Broadway Avenue. In the video he asks, "How do you know you're in New York? Snow rats."


Does this mean rats are taking over NYC? 

Well, no, but just because they already have. All we can really hope is that the rats in question stocked up on groceries before the storm.

Or, no, they probably stocked up on pizza, didn't they?

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[Feature Image Courtesy Mashable]