In celebration of 4/20, Snapchat has decided to honor the holiday in the most logical and business-savvy way: with some good ol' tone-deaf racism! 

Today, you can log on to the app and pull up a special 4/20 filter, complete with dreadlocks and digital blackface. 

Execs at Snapchat claim the filter was in partnership with Bob Marley's estate, and is meant to honor the singer's music and influence. 

We're not so sure this is effective.

Actually, scratch that. We are totally sure this is 100% not effective.

It's also incredibly offensive, and leaves us wondering what in the hell Snapchat was thinking when they launched this filter. Who thought this was a good idea? Why? WHY? 

We think they can do better. We think there were several other filter ideas they could have used to celebrate 4/20 instead of the unfortunate one they ended up choosing. 

So, we've compiled a handy dandy list of all the other options that were available to them. 

1. Smoke


This one seems pretty obvious, right? What's wrong with a nice, simple filter with smoke blowing out of an open mouth? 


Classic. Timeless. No racism needed. 

2. Red eye enhancement


4/20 celebrants likely already have this going on, but why not enhance it even further? 

We'll tell you why: to avoid racism. 

3. Weed leaf tiara


Perhaps this could be the new flower crown? I mean, how else are we supposed to tide people over until weekend two of Coachella? 


4. Tacos in mouth 


How hard could it be to create a filter of tacos in the picture-taker's mouth? Maybe even some tacos being bitten into? Taco Bell could even sponsor it. It'd be a total win-win. 

We win, they win, racism wins nothing. 

5. Weed delivery guy geotag


How incredibly useful would this be!? To know exactly where the weed dealers are within your vicinity at any given moment?

Not so useful for drug dealers. Potentially incriminating for them. 

But still better than racism. 

6. Drug test results 


Maybe a little too real for some people? But funny nevertheless. Results could vary depending on how high the filter perceives the picture-taker to be. 

Just don't post it anywhere your employer might see it. 

7. Mom being disappointed in you 


Again, maybe too real. But people say that social media needs to be more real, right?

So, perfect.


What would be more real than a filter of your mother yelling at you for being a disappointment? Almost nothing.

8. Literally anything else.


Ponies. Fedoras. Bread crumbs. Anything. Literally anything. 

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