We love any and all things sweet, but sometimes it can get a little much with crazy sugary things like unicorn milkshakes and other seemingly inedible desserts.  

Lucky enough for us though, and you guys too of course, there are healthier options for delicious foods that still taste amazing but won't make you feel like a savage (Unless that's your goal, then by all means. Savage on).

Available at three Sweetgreen locations this month, you can get a free bowl of their new dessert, served directly in a fresh coconut shell. 

We're pumped not only because it's free, but because this dessert is surprisingly not horrible for you! WINNINGGGGGGG.

If you're one of the first 100 customers to come by TODAY (August 16th) to the Sweetgreen Nolita location after 7 p.m., you will receive a free bowl of their Kokus soft serve made with coconut cream and raw honey. 


Made with less than 8 ingredients, you can get this yum-tastic bowl topped with granola, blueberries, coconut flakes, and flowers. Because why the f*ck not?! 

But do not fret, NYC pals. If you can't make it to Nolita today, this same deal will be available on August 23rd at the Upper East Side location, and again on August 30th at the Williamsburg location. 

You still have a chance to get your own FREE bowl of creamy soft serve while summer is still alive, and that's just as sweet as the treat itself. 


Oh, and you can also get the bowls at Smorgasburg in Willamsburg on Saturdays, and in Prospect Park on Sundays! Soft serve EVERYWHERE! 

Enjoy your healthy and delicious desserts, and don't forget who hooked you up with the infoooooo (Us, it's us. We did. You're v welcome)!

[Feature Image Courtesy Time Out New York] [via Time Out New York] 

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