Despite being over 30 years old, the story of The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood, matters today more than ever.

The novel-turned-TV-series reminds us of the haunting future possibility of living in a world where sexism is the law of the land.

To commemorate the premiere of the much-anticipated Hulu series, along with renowned artists Paula Scher and Abbott Miller, the streaming service unveiled a powerful art installation today.

The 40’ x 12’ ft. mural will be on display through this Sunday, the 30th.

The coolest part?

The installation holds 4,000 complimentary paperback copies of The Handmaid’s Tale that passersbys can take.

Once all of the books are gone, the structure will reveal powerful messages, one of them being “Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum” (translation: Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down), the novel's central battle cry of empowerment and survival.


The mural will be on display from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. for the next 5 days at The High Line (enter at the Chelsea Market Passage on 18th Street).

The first episode of The Handmaid's Tale , starring Elisabeth Moss, Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski, Samira Wiley, Alexis Bledel, Ann Dowd, Madeline Brewer, Max Minghella, and O-T Fagbenle, is now available to stream on Hulu.


We'll leave you with the artists' statement that perfectly sums up the significance of the installation:

"The Handmaid’s Tale provides a chilling reminder of how easily the darkest currents of repression can re-surface. The installation we designed shows how these dark messages are often accompanied by bombastic language and imagery: spectacle becomes a form of persuasion. Cracks in the floorboards reveal empowering texts, glimpses of resistance for an uncertain age."

- Paula Scher and Abbott Miller 

[Feature Image Courtesy Getty Images For Hulu]