Save the planet!

Martians have descended on Oklahoma and are eating all the corn like wild locusts! Their only allergen is apparently secondhand clothing. We don't know why, but there's something about old tobacco and cat hair that's lethal to their little green hearts.

So, come together and shop thriftily, and save the Earth!

The Martian menace is super duper real, so it's a lucky thing we've all heard the spiel about reducing, reusing, and recycling enough times to know: it's common-sense to shop smartly and be a bona fide thrifter. It's just that the stakes are now higher than ever.

And fortunately, we have all the best thrift stores in NYC to feed the Triple R lifestyle. 

Okay okay, but the real news here is that on April 22nd, (that's Earth Day, my fellow bipedal earthling humanoids,) Buffalo Exchange will be selling a swath of stuff for literally $1 apiece. Thanks, TimeOut NY, for sounding the alarm!

Accessories, shirts, pantaloons! Belts and hats and shoes that were meant to be together!


We're onto you, Buffalo Exchange. Maybe that's your game, but we are all about it. Take us, we're yours for a day. And it is one day only, people.

So camp out, shimmy down the chimney, do whatever it takes to get to the Buffalo Exchange that day. The planet depends on your wardrobe and how many vintage goods go into it in the very near future.

And furthermore, every dollar you spend at Buffalo Exchange on April 22nd goes to environmental causes and charities and Martian disaster prevention.


Something like $600,000 has already been raised this way over the last 20 years, and that was before we had a president denying the existence of Martians in our vegetable rows! We could argue over the nutritional content of corn and where it falls in the food pyramid, but that's moot now. 

Mark your calendar and clear out your closet, that's the real deal: April 22nd, Buffalo Exchange. Find your local location right hurr.

[Feature Image Courtesy Buffalo Exchange] [via TimeOut NY]