Smorgasburg Style Food Carts Will Be Rolling Into Prospect Park This Summer

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No matter how much snow we get, you know it's approaching Spring in NYC when food trucks are lining up for summertime. 

What— like pretzels, hot dogs, and everything else you run into already? No, come on, that isn't newsworthy— get it together. We're onto something big here.

Operation Oasis, as it's known in the right circles, will bring manna to the food desert.

The "most inventive exciting food idea" is inevitably going to come out in the competition to set up shop in Prospect Park, as Eater NY quoted. 

They speculate start-ups like Big Mozz, Mr. Bing, and Kotti Berliner Doner Kebab may soon arrive in the park. And we can thank the Prospect Park Alliance for announcing this proposal for unique foodstuffs. 

It comes from straight from the horse's mouth: the park alliance is seeking Smorgasburg-like food vendors to apply by May 8th, and end the dearth of food in our sprawling 565-acre green space. 

In the grand scheme of original food vending, we've already seen that the stakes are high. Between Urbanspace and Smorgasburg pop-ups, original food vendors across Manhattan are becoming ubiquitous. 

The popularity of diverse dishes in outdoor spots is steadily spreading too, as has already been noted in other parts of Brooklyn. 

Ah, and on that note— we must admit there's been some controversy. The East River State Park Smorgasburg food trucks have irked Williamsburg locals with their commercial activity in a public recreation space, it's true. 

But that's a separate question from what's planned in Prospect Park— honestly! Prospect Park is far larger than East River State Park, and its vendors are planned to be fanned out all across its expanse.

prospect_park Did you know? 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Prospect Park! We'll be celebrating all year with a look back at the Park's history, and today we're taking a closer look at the creation of the Park and the involvement of famed designers Olmsted and Vaux. Click the link in our profile and find out how farmland became the 585-acre Park we know and love. Image: Historic map and design of Prospect Park, 1871, by Olmsted Vaux & Co Landscape Architects #TBT #ProspectPark150

So, we're looking forward to what comes out of this proposal; stay tuned! The park alliance plans to host a meeting on March 28th, when more details may emerge on the pending Operation Oasis. Until then, pack snacks and pick grass to munch on.  

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[via Eater NY][Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]