A smoke and a pizza? 

These innovative developers streamlining the pizza ordering process just made taking a toke a lot simpler. 

The guys behind Push For Pizza came up with a pretty creative pizza box design that allows users to detach part of the box and fold into a weed pipe, complete with a bowl to house your Mary Jane. 

Let's back up shall we?

Push For Pizza is an app that allows you to order your favorite, customized pizza from your local pizzeria with only the push of a button. 

According to Elite Daily, the guys behind Push For Pizza worked with the Nikolas Gregory design studio in order to develop a cardboard weed pipe shaft using elements you would find in a regular delivery pizza box. 

All you need to do is peel away the mapped out cardboard, fold into a cylindrical shape, snap the cardboard mouthpiece in place, and place the plastic table (that typically keeps the top of the box from smashing your melty cheesy pizza) on the end. 


The plastic stand has been recreated as the bowl with a carb to allow for better inhalation. But don't worry, it's not actually plastic. The co-founders decided to use ceramic instead, rather than allowing users to smoke in the toxic fumes from burning plastic along with their weed.

So how can you get your hands on your very own pizza pipe? Download the app from iTunes and start pushing for pizza... and weed.


Via Elite Daily

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[via Elite Daily] [Feature Image Courtesy Elite Daily]