There's an Alcohol-Infused Gummies Experience Coming to New York 🎁🍹🍬

There are those irresistible confections that charmed us as children and still have our tastebuds dance to this day, especially around the holidays. We’re talking, of course, about candy! From sugary sweets to gummy goodies, candy is a tempting treat that has continued to evolve over time in many colorful and unexpected ways.

A new way that candy is making waves these days comes all the way across the pond from the London-based company Smith & Sinclair London, who have made their mark in the world of sweets with their adult-only Candy Cocktails. Founded in 2014, Smith & Sinclair developed the first-ever Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies with a mission to make Adult More Fun.

The innovative team of Smith & Sinclair started with humble beginnings, originally selling their confections at adult board game dating nights. Founders Mel and Emile’s creations were doing so well at these events that they ditched the board game nights and opened up a small storefront in the Berwick Street Market in Soho, London. Now, five years later, this award-winning business has set its sights on New York City.


On Friday, December 6th, Smith & Sinclair launched their very first pop-up shop here in the USA called the Adult Candy Shop. Through December 22nd, you can sample a myriad of alcoholic candy creations at their Twisted Cocktail Experience in the West Village, where you can try things such as their Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies, Cocktail F.I.Z.Z. and Edible Fragrances. For $40, your senses are taken on a two-hour ground-breaking journey where everything you thought you knew about candy and cocktails will be thrown out the window.

In addition to unique elements such as their Holiday Sensory Experience, designed just for Christmas in New York City, and their Vapour Orb Experience, a craft cocktail you inhale from a misting cocktail cauldron as a “dry ice flavor explosion,” you’ll also get samples of their world-famous Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies and a full-size edible treat courtesy of Smith & Sinclair. In total, you’ll sample six unique Twisted Cocktails.

One of the more exceptional things about this adult pop-up experience is that it is not designed to get anyone drunk. The focus is on having adult fun in a festive environment, allowing for some a much-needed reprieve from the sometimes calamitous atmosphere that New York City can become overwhelming during the holiday season. As their candy does contain actual alcohol, the events are for adults 21 and over and I.D. is required upon entry.

So if you’re looking for something that will completely change the way you look at candy and cocktails, Smith & Sinclair’s Twisted Cocktail Experience might be just the thing to add some extra fun and flair to your holiday season. 

Space is limited so book in advance.