A lot of things don't make sense to us: people who listen to music without headphones on the subway, Donald Trump's campaign as a whole, the apparent need to create rainbow versions of foods that were perfectly fine before. 

The list goes on and on. The world is a confusing place, New York City especially.

But a recent invention is so absurd, so needless, that it has us questioning humanity in an entirely new way. 

The Smarttress, a creation brought to us by Spanish company Durmet, is a mattress that will detect if your partner is cheating on you. 

How exactly will it do that, you ask?

The bed (which will set you back $1,750) will apparently contain sensors in the springs that, if activated, will send a notification to your phone alerting you of this activity. This notification will also break down the "intensity and impact per minute." 

This leaves us with a lot of questions. First of all, is this a joke? This seems like a joke. Just take a look at the video released by Durmet, which reads exactly like an SNL digital short.

Additional inquiries include, but are not limited to: does your phone get a notification every time someone makes any kind of motion on your bed? Wouldn't this be extremely annoying? 


Also, it is highly likely that if your partner is cheating on you, they are doing it in a location other than your shared home-- especially if they are aware that the mattress you own is designed specifically for detecting infidelity. 

The whole thing is deeply confusing. The product is apparently still in the production phase, so we'll see if it actually makes it to market, and the sort of success it has. 

We're not holding our breath.

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