Sleek AF: These Hip Wayfarer Sunglasses Definitely Feel as Good as They Look

William Painter makes stylish, best selling sunglasses that wearers love to show off, and the Sloan Wayfarer Glasses are no exception. 

Lightweight and perfectly balanced, these shades not only make you look good, but they feel great on our face.

Get a pair before summer starts for 23% off now and choose style over squinting.

The Sloan 86’s are made with the world’s lightest lenses, which means you’ll barely feel the glasses resting on your face, but your eyes will remain fully protected from powerful UV rays

Painter’s rear-weight design keeps the frames balanced on your head so they won’t slide off or tilt forward when you move around. 

And don’t sweat the hot weather coming up because these sunglasses are actually temperature proof, so they won’t overheat your ears or cheeks.


No matter the size of your head, these shades fit like a dream with their adjustable acetate frame that works with any shape. 

Sunglasses are the most important summer accessory, and this essential pair is down from its original $85 to just $64.99 right now and 23% off designer sunglasses is a deal too sunny to ignore.

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