When it comes to pizza, New Yorkers are seriously #blessed. 

Really though, 44 of the top 101 pizza joints in America are located conveniently in the tri-state area (suck it, Chicago).

Nothing brings us together like a slice of 'za and ICYMI last year, no one throws a pizza party like New York.

This year, Slice Out Hunger's $1 Slice Night will be bringing together 56 pizzerias serving 1,538 pizzas for $1 a slice– stuff your face for a good cause too because every ticket helps fund 20 meals for New Yorkers in need.

As reported by Time Out, you'll get to nom on slices from some of NYC's hottest spots, like Roberta's Bruno, Di Fara, Emily, Joe's Pizza, and Motorino. Check out a full list here.

At the door, you'll buy $1 red tickets for slices of pizza (the limit is 10, so no marathon eaters), and blue tickets for drinks, desserts, and raffles (no limit for these). They require exact change and it's cash only so bring those dolla bills, y'all.

There's also a limit of 1 slice per person per pizzeria, but hey, this is a charity event, you shouldn't be thinking about being greedy anyway.


If you're not feeling waiting in line (and hell yes, will there be a line), you can snag a VIPizza Passport for $100 that will start you and a friend with 10 tickets in the front.


So head down to The Lower Hall at 155 Sullivan Street (at Houston) this Wednesday, October 5th, to join the fun. To donate and grab your VIPizza Passport, head here.

[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]