New York City cultural icon Nasir Jones, primarily recognized by his stage name Nas, is known for his rhyme, "I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death." 

While never sleeping isn't the healthiest thing ever, the reverse, as it happens, is also true. 

In the "City that Never Sleeps," the "New York State of Mind" inspires us to hustle-- always moving and striving, on the grind, so to speak. 

But when you need to lay your head down, you better be doing it right. And now, recent research shows that sleeping too much could lead to an early death. 

That's right, more than nine hours of sleep each night could lead to death well before one's time. 

In general, people who spend the majority of their time being inactive are prone to health issues that contribute to premature passing. But again, the reverse is just as true. 

While it's bad to do nothing and lay around all day, it's just as bad to sleep very little while drinking and smoking heavily.


Basically, moderation is the key. Companies like those bedding geniuses over at Casper offer products designed to help us find the sweet spot, without wasting our time with gimmicks-- just providing exactly what people want: a cool, comfortable mattress.

But health goes beyond your bedding. Sure, we've all heard the line, "You spend a third of your life asleep." But how about considering what you're doing for the other two thirds of your existence? 

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Of course, it makes obvious sense that one shouldn't be too active without resting, nor should one lead too sedentary of a lifestyle without exercising, ever. 

But in our world of prescription sleep aids, triple espresso, and office chairs, it's not outside the realm of understanding for one to completely mess up his or her circadian rhythm. 

Here's to balancing that back out with a good night's sleep. With help from the good folks over at Casper, obviously.. 

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