Lately, we've heard a lot about these so-called "wealthy" people in New York City and their extravagant living arrangements. 

Who are these people? Do they actually exist? We're beginning to seriously ponder these things. 

Despite the possibly-mythical status of these humans, new additions to the luxury housing industry continue to crop up in NYC. 

Next year, JDS Development Group is set to complete construction on the American Copper Buildings, a 49-story complex complete with a 3-story skybridge.

It's the first major new skybridge in 80 years, and will provide some of the most incredible views of the East River and Empire State Building.

On the 28th floor, residents can enjoy a 75-foot lap pool and hot tub, as well as a lounge and bar on the 29th floor. 

Other amenities will include an infinity pool, outdoor shower, dining and grilling on the rooftop, and fitness center with climbing wall.


Sounds like a place we can totally afford, right?

Well, apparently, 150 of the units will be set aside for affordable housing, so it's not totally out of the question. 


We're not holding out breath, though - prices have yet to be released. 

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[via ABC News] [Feature Image Courtesy ABC News]