Little Eye in the Skeye: This Incredible Mini Drone Can Seriously Do It All

The Skeye Nano Drone may look small, but it makes a huge impression up in the air with its unparalleled flight skills, thanks to new heights of maneuverability. 

Any move you can imagine, from flips to twists, the Skeye can pull it off while your feet are firmly planted on the ground, finessing the responsive controls. 

This nano drone is the smallest quadcopter out there and it could be all yours for 30% off right now.

The Skeye’s RTF technology means that it’s ready to fly from the moment you launch it. 

It’s an incredibly smooth rider with an advanced, 6-axis system that maintains unprecedented stability for such a small drone

It even includes a rotor protection guard to keep it safe from any bumps if you’re new to piloting, but if you’re more experienced there’s also an advanced flier setting. 

It can flip, tilt and even do barrel rolls, day or night, with its LED lights for nighttime visibility.

The nano sizing of the Skeye drone makes it extremely portable for easy traveling, so you can watch this drone’s acrobatic flips from anywhere. 

While the Skeye used to run for $49, you can get it for 30% off now at just $34

Check out the video below to watch this dope little drone in action.

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