5 Simple Ways to Create the Ultimate Comfort Zone in NYC

 You hear it everyday. At work. In a restaurant. From your mom.

“Be adventurous! Try everything! Get out of your comfort zone!”

It’s tired as hell. And while everyone is encouraged to get out of their comfort zones when it comes to socializing or working or eating food, how many people actually advocate the importance of having a comfort zone at all?

Actually, what is a comfort zone? Is it just a state of mind, or is it a literal space you can craft for yourself?

The comfort zone starts at home, and comfort at home starts with Parachute.

Here are 5 simple ways to create the ultimate comfort zone in NYC.

1. Make your bed (as opposed to leaving it a mess)


Making your bed can help you snap out of that groggy phase that everyone goes through after hitting the snooze button for the third time. Oh, and despite whatever can go wrong from here on out, making the bed is a quick way to feel sense of accomplishment.

Most importantly, there is no place like home. There’s no feeling as great as returning home after a long day except for when you jump into a well-made bed that’s comfy AF.

Parachute’s premium bedding sets are the perfect foundation for that comfort zone.

It’s 100% Egyptian cotton, and it’s simple as hell: 100% Egyptian cotton or 100% European flax, top sheet or not, and mix-and-match made simple with their bed builder.

2. Find that soundtrack/vibe playlist

2011 called and it wants its bro-tastic phrase back, but tuning people out on the train with the perfect playlist is clutch.

More than that, finding the soundtrack for the most mundane part of your day can dictate your mood for the rest of the day.

Make some time to plan out your perfect playlist that fits your morning vibes. Maybe even have a few playlists because you’re a complicated person who can’t be defined by one set of songs every day.

Whether that means bumping to Cardi B or backsliding into the guilty pleasures of Taylor Swift, make sure your morning is curated for your own personal comfort.

3. Take a long bath/shower


Taking a long bath can be a great way to decompress and relax, but taking a bath is as much about the aesthetics as it is about the actual bath itself.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles, get the right bath salts going, and let the relaxation begin.

Don’t have a huge bathtub? No problem. Sit down in the shower, fam! Totally underrated showering experience.

4. Don’t get dressed right away


Clothes are overrated! But more than that, take some time to appreciate the process. #TrustTheProcess

Wrap yourself in the softest towel set imaginable, and drip-dry on a comfy bath rug. Wiggle your toes. Soak up the warmth and softness of the rug while the rug soaks up your feet suds.

Once you’re done with your bath, you don’t have to rush into regular clothes. PJ’s? Okay, cool. Do it. Or switch it up and lounge in the perfect bath robe and slippers.

Your comfort zone is lightweight, stretchy, warm, soft, and made responsibly with 100% Turkish cotton. 

5. Get super comfortable before bedtime


So you’ve done all your pre-bedtime rituals and it’s now time to get wind down.

Whether you use one of Parachute’s quilts as a layer on your bed or while on the couch in the living room, this is the part of the night where things get comfy. Super. Comfy.

Not one for quilts, you say? We gotchu covered. Add a throw pillow or cotton throw and call it a night, wherever you set up shop until you retire to that ultimate comfort zone, AKA your bed.

Because there’s no better feeling in the world than hitting your bed covered in Parachute’s bedding after a long, stressful day in the concrete jungle, amirite? Right. 

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