So when was the last time you actually had film from a camera developed? 2002, maybe? 

Or is that just when the creepy as hell Robin Williams movie One-Hour Photo was released? Any correlation?

Who knows? What we do know, is that New York City's last one-hour photo spot is closing this summer, and while there's no surprise here, that doesn't mean it's not sad.

As smart phones and digital cameras have taken over the world, it's astonishing to think that there are still any one hour photo shops left in NYC. Apparently, there are only 190 left in the United States.

Take a look at this short video created by CUNY Graduate School of Journalism student Gustavo Martinez made reminiscing on almost 30 years of Andy Cheng's, an immigrant from Taiwan, love affair with photography and developing images for his community before he closes up shop.

If you have any disposable cameras laying around, or maybe you've seen them behind the counter at your bodega-- grab one. 

Snap pictures on a random night with your friends like people used to do, and go have it developed in an hour at Best Color, the shop Cheng runs on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, before he closes his doors for good in May. 

You may find that killing time for an hour while your photos develop can be more fun than whatever you did while you were filling the camera!