On Inauguration Day, Shia LaBeouf launched an anti-Trump livestream event outside the Museum of the Moving Image.

The project, dubbed "HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US," will be up for the next four years during President Trump's term. 

Although it’s only been up for a few days since we initially wrote about it, the art performance has gained a lot of attention from both sides of the political perspective.

LaBeouf, who has been out there for parts of the weekend, has had a viral run into an intense shouting match with a white supremacist.

According to the Gothamist, the man appears at the beginning of the video where he says “14,” a rallying call to white supremacists.

As he started to say slogans like, "We must secure the existence of the white people..." LaBeouf steps in and begins shouting in the man's face (without ever laying a hand on him). Eventually, he's able to scare him away with the power of his chanting.

To be honest, we think anyone would back off from Shia’s rage—especially when it comes to Cabaret.

Visitors are invited to stand in front of a camera mounted on a wall outside the Astoria museum and say the phrase, "He Will Not Divide Us" as many times as they want.

LaBeouf is working with Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner on this project, with whom he also collaborated on #ALLMYMOVIES.


On the opening day Jaden Smith was there to rally protestors together, but we think for now Shia’s going to be overseeing the weekends to scare off other trolls.

If you're lucky, LaBeouf may even bring you some food to snack as you stand and chant.

Some have called attention to how this project actually does divide people, but for now the video is ready to see if that’s true for the next four years. We’re glad it wasn’t us. Then again, we're also just glad that we're not white supremacist garbage.

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