Shark Alert! Two Sharks Were Spotted Near Coney Island Beach This Weekend

As if Coney Island beach water wasn't scary enough. 

From dark waters, to trash filled sand, Coney Island beach isn't the greatest, but New Yorkers tend to make the best out of it.

A four-foot shark was spotted swimming near Coney Island beach Saturday morning only. Not to be outdone by its seafaring brethren, a small shark took to the land a few moments later. 

A few things here: 1) A four-foot shark is still a shark. 2) Fish are friends—not food, but as we are not fish, we are likely food. 3) Sharks on the beach can only mean one thing: they're not satisfied with the ocean. They're going to adapt and take to the shores. They're going to live among us. They're going to be...

Street Sharks

With recent news about Great Whites being seen at the Jersey Shore (we don't care if her name is Mary Lee. Sharks are not cool.), these sea creatures are claiming there territory and aren't backing down.


Both sharks were spotted at the Coney Island beach near the West 19th Street entrance. Swimming between both the sharks and New Yorkers resumed eventually.  

Bless those brave souls! Be safe this summer New Yorkers, and keep an eye out for those sharks.

Swim safe NYC!

[Feature Image Courtesy Patch] [via TimeOut NY]