We're totally down with New York City's incredible bar scene, especially when it comes to getting festive. Move over fishbowls... hello snow globes?!

Nothing screams the holiday season more than sipping on a drink served in a snow globe.  


Head on over to LOCL Bar on 77th and Broadway, and ask for "Shakespeare's Globe" and you'll receive a chilled beverage served in the seasonally appropriate snow globe. 

If you have a thing against Shakespeare or snow globes, you can order 'Love in Idleness" which transforms from white to purple "in the presence of holiday spirit." 


As reported by Time Out NY, the ideas were curated by bartender Cody Goldstein and Parsons School of Design to serve and provide the most festive bar experience. 


If alcohol, snow globes, the holiday season, and vibes of enchanting winter forests  intrigue you in the slightest, we recommend you make your way over to LOCL Bar.  


They will operate only until January 1st.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]