When you think of theater and New York City, many New Yorkers might not think immediately of Broadway, but of the Public Theater in the summer.

Especially us, since we're always hyped for Shakespeare in the Park, which has been offering free productions of Shakespeare plays at Central Park's open-air Delacorte Theater since 1962. 

This year has two classic works being featured for the 2017 season.

Cue hype!

According to TimeOut NY, the first production will be Julius Caesar from May 23rd- June 18th, a tragedy on themes of populism, loyalty, and power.

Sounds relevant, like another play being produced during this presidential run. Except the lead doesn't get stabbed several times with a sword. Oh well.

Shakespeare in the Park’s second 2017 production will be A Midsummer Night's Dream, which will play from July 11th- August 13th, in which a cycle of unrequited love gains the attention of a Fairy king. 


Who then acts like an overprotective and controlling parent/matchmaker a gets everyone caught up in a world of drugs, sex, and debauchery. Hilarity ensues. A summary for you, in case you didn't attend the 6th grade.

Casting has not been announced yet for either production, although our biggest concern is who plays as Puck in Midsummer


Puck carries the production, as all theater nerds know.

To find out more about the the lineup, check out the website here for dates and for tickets, and make sure you read our tips for scoring those coveted seats!

[via Time OutNY] [Feature Image Courtesy Public Theater]