Penn Station's food scene has certainly vastly improved over the last few months. 

Between the Pennsy and potential upgrades (which are already behind schedule... typical), we're kind of warming up to one of the worst transportation hubs in New York City. 

It seems as if Penn Station knows the way to our hearts, which is quite obviously through our tummies. 

The Commercial Observer reports that Penn Station will debut a brand new Shake Shack location with a 2,489 square-foot, ten-year lease for $500 per square foot, after signing a lease with the Vornado Reality Trust, aka the landlord of Penn Station. 

This isn't Shake Shack's first dip into the NYC transport scene, as they already have an established location in Grand Central's food hall and one at JFK Airport. 

Eater reports that the new location furthers Vornado Realty Trust's attempt to attract a new line of diners as well as travelers. 


The new Shake Shack will be joined by Magnolia Bakery, Pret A Manger, and the celebrity chef infused venues within the Pennsy Food Court. 


Regardless, we're just psyched for another place to order a double SmokeShack burger with cheese fries, because bikini bodies are nobodies.

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[via Commercial Observer] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]