We're willing to bet the best burger you’ve ever had (or at least since 2004 when the world became a better place) was in Shake Shack. Yeah. We know. We love it, too.

We’ll wait in a hundred person line at Madison Square Park just to get that carton box holding the precious burger and delectable fries, and we’ll wait with a smile on our faces. And probably with drool on our chins.

Well, fellow burger lovers, the world just became an even better place.

Shake Shack will be giving away 100 free Shake Shack burgers in each of its locations, worldwide.

This worldwide event will be held in honor of the burger joint’s 100th outpost opening at the Boston Seaport on Tuesday, August 16th. 

Likewise, the free giveaway will start on the 16th at 10:30 a.m and will run until noon. 

The only exclusions are stadium and ballpark outposts. Womp womp...


Shake Shack’s CEO, Randy Garutti, talked about the event at a press release: “From our first-ever Shack in Madison Square Park twelve years ago, to so many places in between, opening our 100th Shack at Boston Seaport is an epic milestone for us."


You can bet we’re just as excited as you are, Randy. On behalf of all people who love burgers and meat everywhere, thank you. 

[via First We Feast] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]