Hold on to your arteries, New Yorkers, because Shake Shack's bringing a New York born and bred favorite back.

This Friday, June 10th, Shake Shack will be debuting a take on a classic that was taken from us too soon. 

The ParkBurger was Shake Shack's way of celebrating the reopening of their flagship location in Madison Square Garden last summer. 

Topped with bacon and Shake Shack's signature cheese sauce, the ParkBurger was an instant success - but sadly it was taken off of the menu in October of 2015.

While we'd previously been under the impression that the burger would be coming on June 3rd, we're not complaining that it ain't - just so long as we're still able to sink our teeth into this savory badboy before we're eaten alive by the summer heat.

The Bacon CheddarShack will feature Shake Shack's signature all beef patty, Niman Ranch bacon, and a three-year aged white cheddar sauce.

But that's not all! Shake Shack will also be debuting a new delicious dessert this Friday - the Blueberry Pie Oh My concrete and shake! 

The concrete/shake will feature blueberry pie from NYC's incredible Four & Twenty Blackbirds Bakery. 


This new addition sounds so delicious, we're sure we're going to be seeing more milkshake squirrels surrounding local Shake Shack garbage cans.

Sadly, Shake Shack has made it pretty clear that these new additions are only temporary. It's unclear just how long these special guests will be on the menu.


So, our advice is to trek out of your way this summer to your nearest Shake Shack and try out these newcomers before they're gone.

May the burger be with you.

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]