If you're degenerates like us, you'll probably be overloading on Mexican cuisine, margaritas, and Corona mañana for Cinco de Mayo... hell, we'll need it after our sold-out, two-hour open bar Cinco de Mayo booze cruise.

Which means, you'll probably wake up with a raging hangover on the seis de Mayo... enter the "Seis de Mayo Hangover Remedy" from El Original restaurant. 

According to First We Feast, hangover cure will consist of a seven pound breakfast taco, though we're wondering why it isn't merely six pounds since it is the seis (sixth) de Mayo, but we digress. 

This behemoth comes complete with a pound of sausage, a pound of potatoes, a pound of bacon, a pound of refried beans, a pound of fajita vegetables, twelve eggs, eight ounces of pico de gallo, eight ounces of salsa, and four ounces of queso fresco, all contained within a 12-inch tortilla. 

First off, if you're capable of eating a seven pound taco on a good day, you're a beast (we mean that in a completely complementary way).

However, if you can successfully consume seven pounds of ANYTHING while nursing a mild to moderate hangover, you're legendary. 

Check out some snaps of the monster taco cure below.




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[via First We Feast] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]