You might be familiar with Duchamp's famous "Fountain" art piece from 1917.

No? A small porcelain toilet inscribed with the words "R. Mutt?" 

Even if you're not into contemporary potty art, you need to know about Cassils, a 2017 Guggenheim Fellow with a lot of piss in their fridge.  

200 gallons to be exact. Why?

Because on February 22nd, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to rescind protection for transgender students that allowed them to use the bathroom matching their chosen gender identities. 


So yeah, Cassils is pretty "PISSED" about it. That's the title of the 200-gallon, excrement-filled glass sculpture that will be showcased in the artists' "Monumental" exhibition on September 16th at the Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in Soho.

Cassils has waited a long time to show us their urine. In the wake of the executive order, they began collecting their urine, even live-streaming it on their artist Instagram page. But Cassils isn't shy about it. 


Cassils will be administering a catheter fixed to a glass cube in front of a live audience on opening night. 

Extreme? Maybe. But then, again so is not being able to use the restroom that matches your gender identity. 

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]