All Systems Go: 5 Absolute Best Things We're Doing This Weekend

After the Labor Day weekend merry-making, we’re game for another round. We've just about recovered from last week, right?

Only we’ve got two days for all this good stuff. Cue the trombone sounds. 

So it’s no three-day weekend, but we’ve found some events that’ll keep you entertained until Monday.

Sigh, Mondays. If we had it our way, every weekend would be a three-day weekend. Our livers wouldn't like it but we'd persevere somehow.

Make the most of your weekend with these events:

1. “Deconstruction” – Patrick Eugène

Brooklyn-based Haitian-American painter, Patrick Eugène, focuses on social, cultural, and societal issues. Using vibrant colors and raw emotions, his work reflects the harsh reality of our times. 

We actually had a chance to discuss his work with him; check it out here.

“Deconstruction,” is an exhibition that addresses the cultural deforestation and impact of gentrification in his hometown of East New York, Brooklyn. 

Opening night was Thursday, and we heard it was pretty schweet.

Select pieces from the series will be on display at the Brooklyn Arts Fellowship until the 23rd.

2. 90s Fest on Governors Island (September 10th)

Release your inner child (and your best ‘90s clothes) at this festival on September 10th.

There’s all sorts of good food and retro gaming (Legends of the Hidden Temple, anyone?) going down, but that’s not all.


DJ Jazzy Jeff and Sister Hazel will perform, among some others. Oh, and Pauly Shore is hosting. Kind of a big deal, yeah? Get your tickets right here.

3. Bushwig (September 10th-11th)


The fifth annual Bushwick drag festival―guess where it’s going down?

If you missed the news, Bushwick’s queens have sashayed away to Maspeth, in Queens.

Queens in Queens, how about that? They’ll be at the Knockdown Center (located at 52-19 Flushing Avenue) strutting their stuff.

What are you waiting for? Snatch your tickets here.

4. Ferragosto (September 11th)

The Bronx has got some tasty things in the works, and this year’s Ferragosto celebration is no exception. NYC’s Ferragosto pays homage to its Italian roots as a harvest celebration with music, food, friends, and family.

They’ll be partying on Arthur Avenue, between Crescent and 187th Street, on September 11th from noon to 6 p.m., so stop by “The Real Little Italy,” and bring your appetite.

5. Clipper City Craft Beer Sail (September 11th)


Every weekend until October 9th, Manhattan By Sail will team up with a different brewery to give you a craft beer tasting unlike any other. September 11th they’re featuring the brilliance of The Bronx Brewery, and we’re in love.

The cruise is from 12:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. which is plenty of time to get your buzz on. The ship departs from Battery Park.


You might have missed out on our giveaway, but that's no reason to miss out on the fun. 

Go ahead and grab your tickets right here.

6. Grand Bazaar NYC (September 11) 


New York always does it big, and when it comes to running a shopping market, Grand Bazaar NYC is doing it real big. It’s the largest shopping market in the city, with over 100 vendors.

What can you get there? Pretty much anything. 

They have antiques, art, fashion, jewelry, and food. 

So if you’ve ever wanted to get some cute little art pieces for your apartment, tasty donuts, some dope bracelets and necklaces, delicious cupcakes, AND some organic chocolate, you should totally go to their grand opening happening this Sunday, September 11 at the Upper West Side.

The best part? By shopping at the Grand Bazaar NYC, you’re also supporting our city’s public schools. 

Yeah, you read that right. 

The Grand Bazaar NYC is a non-profit, focused on benefiting over 4,000 school children at four neighborhood public schools by providing the schools with funding for crucial educational resources.

So go check it out and feel good. You can spoil yourself with yummy treats and fun goodies while helping kids succeed. Check out more info on the grand opening here

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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