Symbolic September Monthly Guide: Multicultural Festivals, Wine Tastings & a Live Orchestra 🍷🎊🎶

This September is highlighting the cultural mix in New York City. With festivals for Brazil, Greece, Italy and more, there's plenty of reasons to attend one and enjoy the assortment of entertainment. Taste the differences in the food at each street festival, hear new kinds of music and learn about their legacies all while celebrating. 

There are also events serving up delicious food. Attend tastings like the food truck awards or the wine tasting expo! Catch everything going down in NYC before the fall comes calling!

September 1st

Brazilian Day

Little Brazil is hosting this year's Brazilian Day celebration! Located on West 46th street in the heart of Manhattan, attendees can expect a large turnout and high energy! With sponsors like Delta, BACC Travel and more, the 25 blocks allotted to the event is sure to be filled with entertainment and vendors. The event organizer boasts a safe experience is a top priority for everyone working the 35th annual fest. 

Summer HD Festival "Luisa Miller Verdi"


The Metropolitan Opera is bringing the public the gift of music! The 11th annual HD Festival is allowing crowds of opera experts and newbies alike an up-close and crisp experience with 10 riveting performances. The free showings come to a close for the summer making the last few performances hot events to squeeze in before time is up. Grab one of the 3,000 seats in front of the opera house and see the magic for yourself! 

September 2nd

Dream Up Festival


With a large selection of plays to attend, this event stretches throughout the duration of September! The Theater For The New City's Dream Up Fest is focused on the reinvention of film and art in new and creative ways. Plays and other performance pieces included in the lineup have been marked with a certain level of innovation and wonder defined by its conception and execution. Check out more info on their mission, the show lineups and the venue on their website. 

Caribbean Carnival Parade


The 53rd West Indian American Day Parade is returning to Brooklyn with a long and exciting program. The association, which holds events throughout the year to increase awareness about the arts, traditions, and history of the Caribbean, brings their mission to the parade as well. Visitors can expect live dance performances in costume, live music performances plus authentic cuisine.

September 3rd

Festival Of New Trumpet Music


Dave Douglas and the Festival of New Trumpet Music 2019 are coming to New York City. For the 17th installment of the concert series, jazz lovers can experience fresh brass performances throughout the boroughs. Catch acts like Hugh Ragin, Sarah Belle Reid, Jimmy Owens and more at any of the 7 participating venues.

September 4th

RuPaul's DragCon NYC


RuPaul's DragCon 2019 is promising large, eye-catching, heart-stopping photo ops for all your media needs. Turn up in your best face and ensemble to enjoy the day. The itinerary includes panel discussions from the greats, lip-syncing competitions, intimate Q&A's and 200 vendors in the realm of the beauty community to browse! 

September 6th

Staten Island Greek Festival 


Enjoy traditional tastes and sounds at the Greek Festival. As one of the largest Greek celebrations in NYC, it's full of things to see, hear and taste. Expect lots of food vendors, games and music to jam to as you survey the festivities.

September 7th

Pig Fest 2019


This one is for the hungry aficionados of ribs, chops, shredded sliders, pulled meat sandwiches. The 10th annual Pig Island event is happening in Red Hook. Brooklyn will host this celebration of eating meat responsibly by featuring small scale vendors that source their meat from farms with ethical practices. 

September 12th



Immerse yourself in a photo gallery, as if walking through a photo album. The shipping containers repurposed as showcase walls make an interesting experience for art lovers. Listen to photographers speak on their craft along with editors. View projections and grab a drink at the beer garden.

September 15th

African American Day Parade