Another subway delay... are you really that surprised? If you are, you really should learn to manage your expectations to limit disappointment. Welcome to New York City. 

An independent engineer told MTA officials that there is a "moderate risk" of missing the opening deadline for the Second Avenue subway. 

In other words, don't get your hopes up for the new line any time soon.

Some of the many issues hampering the construction of the new line include installing communications and power equipment, constructing entrances to the 72nd Street station, and installing power to the 86th Street station. 

And, of course, the obvious rail work.

Though the MTA announced that it would be creating a new schedule for "mini-milestones" to give the contractors and officials a better grasp on the process and keep the timeline to eliminate the possibility of slipping further behind, we're not overly optimistic. 


And we're kind of curious... Wouldn't it have been helpful to have these details arranged prior to being informed that they are behind schedule? 

Regardless, the MTA believes that the delay would jeopardize their four-phase project. 

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Phase one, which is slated to be complete in December 2016, includes serving 200,000 daily riders, decreasing crowds on the Lexington Avenue Line by 13%, and reducing travel time for UES riders. 

Like most other New Yorkers, we won't believe it until we see it. With subway ridership skyrocketing, we're hoping that they get this delay under control to make that December 2016 deadline. 

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[via NY Daily News] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]