The Second Avenue subway line just keeps getting built up to sound better and better.

Sure, it may seem like we're never going to see this subway line ourselves, considering how many delays there have been, but we can dream.

The wait for this much needed station is becoming harder and harder as the MTA continues to announce new features exclusive to the Second Ave subway.

First we found out that the Second Ave station will be one of the quietest NYC subway stations, and now the MTA has announced that it'll also be featuring some dope - our words, not theirs - artwork.

The MTA has announced that they were preparing to install 12 mosaics at the Second Avenue and 86th Street subway stop.

The mosaics are portraits created by artist Chuck Close - who's birthday was July 5th, the day the MTA announced their plans to feature his work.

Close is the first of many celebrated artists that are to be featured in the Second Avenue subway station. The works of Jean Shin, Sarah Sze, and Vik Muniz are expected to be featured in other stations as well.


The installation is permanent, and cost the MTA approximately $1 million for Close's artwork alone.


The MTA's total budget for artwork is $5 million, so they're not lacking in funds when it comes to featuring more artists.

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[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]