We're a big fan Puff Daddy, so much so that we're still inclined to call him such even when his name has changed many, many times since then. 

But now he's gone from changing names to changing ventures. Yes, hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs announced his involvement in his latest venture: a charter school in Harlem.

Combs, who grew up in Harlem, would eventually earn an honorary degree from Howard University, where he spent two years. 

Combs described opening a charter school in his native neighborhood as "...a dream come true for me," as he has been silently providing office space and rallying support in the community since 2011. 

Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School will be open this fall for the 2016-2017 school year. They're currently accepting applications for 160 students for grades six and seven, as well as teachers.

The new school is planned to expand by one grade each year until it reaches 700 students for grades six through twelve. 

Harlem's charter will operate much like Hartford, CT's Capital Preparatory Magnet, whose team was attracted to set up another school in Harlem by Combs himself.


Capital Preparatory Magnet founder Steve Perry will manage the new Harlem location, and it is unclear as to what sort of involvement Puffy will have in the school's affairs exactly. 

At this point, it's clear that Combs' intentions are in line with Capital Preparatory's mission, which is to "provide historically disadvantaged students with the college and career readiness skills needed to become responsible and engaged citizens for social justice." 

Despite Diddy's former image problems, who could oppose the man opening a school in his home neighborhood? Nice job, Puff. 

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[via DNA Info] [Feature Image Courtesy Rapping Manual]