We all know that art is a huge part of the culture in New York City, and it's everywhere you look. 

Between the beautiful and intricate murals lining the streets of Brooklyn to the dozens of world-renowned art collections in museums across the city, there's no denying that NYC is a major epicenter of the art world. 

Sculpture is another extremely prominent form of art in the city. 

They can be seen in parks and neighborhoods all across the five boroughs, representing historical milestones or bringing cultural awareness. 

And it looks like Union Square might be getting a new addition in the coming months.

The Square is getting a serious makeover as of late. 

Not only is Union Fare opening up next month, but there's now talks of a massive two-faced sculpture to be built at 14th Street and Union Square East.

The sculpture is currently awaiting approval, but if it is built, will be a large two-headed structure depicting a female version of the Roman god Janus, better known as the god of "beginnings." 


The piece is the brainchild of South African artist Lionel Smit. 

The two faces within the structure represent Janus' ability to see into both the past and the future, which Smit hopes will inspire those who view the sculpture to consider how the past shapes the world we live in today.


The structure would also replace the current "My Circle" structure that stands in Union Square.

It's great to see so much new art being added to the public spaces throughout the city, and we can only hope that this gorgeous structure is given the green light by city officials. 

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[via DNA Info] [Feature Image Courtesy New Yok News Grio]