The hip streetwear store Supreme teamed up with the MTA last week to release limited edition, Supreme branded MetroCards.

They were sold pre-loaded with $5.50 at the flagship SoHo store on Friday as part of their spring/summer 2017 collection. 

MTA released the custom cards in select subway station vending machines throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens on Monday morning.

Obviously, lines of hip and trendy millennials and teens lined up around machines, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Style, hoping to get a golden ticket.

The savviest of the trend-seekers bought up multiple cards, and are now selling them on E-bay and Craigslist for between $20-$1,000.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Re-sell those bad boys and make up for the impending MTA fare hike!


Or if you're part of the Supreme cult-following, keep those hip red and white MetroCards for yourself!


If there are any left, that is.

[Feature Image Courtesy Guest of a Guest] [via DNA Info]