Tired of buying the same recycled five for $25 panties? Or looking to spoil any panty-wearing loved ones in your life?

You now have the option of buying off the runway Victoria's Secret merchandise that was released in last year's show.

There’s a secret museum inside the store on Fifth Avenue in NYC, and its latest exhibit features the OTT looks from last year’s Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris. 

According to TimeOut NY, people from all over can view the exhibit and purchase pieces of their liking if they can find the hidden museum. 

Who wouldn't want to walk down their crammed hallway and pretend for an hour that they're a 5'10 famous super model?

Other than the runway's extravagant costumes, the exhibit also features history from all past shows, going all the way back to the the first ever Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The fashion show has gained a tremendous amount of recognition throughout the years, and has helped young girls believe that they can become a model if they really want too.


Now, your undergarments will be bedazzled and extremely loud, but that doesn't matter! All that matters is that you got them from the hidden museum and off the runway, not from a regular Victoria's Secret store. 

Let's hope everyone gets the underwear that they desire!

Where are you planning on buying your five for $25 underwear from?

[via TimeOutNY] [Feature Image Courtesy Shuttershock]