Score a Free Burger at the Reopened Duncan's Burgers This Sunday

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Do you have Sunday dinner plans? Cancel everything! And be ready to move, hustle, and beat down other customers in a mad dash for free meat.

Because the secret is out! 

Duncan's Burgers is dropping 500 of its famous dry-aged patties for free, this Sunday, March 19th. 

At 266 Irving Ave., Duncan's Burgers will be celebrating its 2.5 year "Grand Re-re-re-Opening" and permanent residence inside Dromedary Bar! 

These little 3 oz burgers usually come at $3.49 a pop, so you won't exactly be rolling in extra cash after dinner. But then again, that's an extra drink during happy hour, if you play you cards right.

And speaking of happy hourβ€” this particular burger joint will be offering specials after Sunday along the lines of these sweet deals: a burger, fries, and beer for $7, or a deluxe burger, fries, shot, and beer for $12. Other weekly specials include wing night and "Midwestern" taco Tuesdays.

So, grab a Marlin headβ€” as they say, and down one of Dromedary's signature tiki cocktails while you're enjoying the sumptuous, free beef on Sunday.  

duncansburgers On the left: old-school quick-serve style cheese/special sauce $4.50 On the right: standard hamburger lett/tom/pic/on/special sauce $5.50 $10.00 for everything!!!

But remember! 500 patties is the limit on free meat. Come ready to beg, barter, and rock-paper-scissor with strangers if you're too late. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Gothamist]