Straight Outta Hipsters: Say Hello to Your New Craft Beer BFFs

It’s extremely possible that you have a preconceived notion about craft beer; especially as a New Yorker. Here, the words “craft beer” seem to be splashed across every chalkboard menu and Tinder profile as far as the eye can see.

It can get old, fast.

It's like every understanding of the word craft beer has been soiled by hipsters, gentrification, and hipsters gentrifying Brooklyn. 

That’s where Hopsy comes in, your new Bay area-based craft brew BFF's. Their delivery service is dedicated to bringing existing and aspiring craft beer lovers the best beer their communities have to offer.

Think of Hopsy as that self-proclaimed true beer aficionado in your friends group, but is way less obnoxious about their beer knowledge than anybody you've ever met.

Hopsy is the most insane craft beer fan club dedicated to celebrating the best of local beer the best way possible: by delivering it right to your door. 

Hopsy knows that the world of craft beer goes far beyond hipsters in overpriced Brooklyn bars. It’s about fresh, quality beer, and, more importantly, supporting your local community and its breweries.

They know that “craft” is not just a buzzword that’s abused by the restaurant industry it means quality and innovation. It means small, independent, and traditional breweries that serve their community with the best recipes.

hopsy_beer Hopsy is spreading love from coast to coast and our next stop is the great state of New York! We'll be offering an amazing line-up of New York breweries for you to order online! Share the good news with your friends and you can win BIG. Sign up here: #NY #craftbeer #contest 🍺🍺

And Hopsy is taking the annoying AF pretension out of craft beer and bringing it right to your door. They're bringing a little Bay-area ingenuity to NYC so New Yorkers can enjoy monthly deliveries of some of the tastiest local beers in the area.  

It’s quick, easy, and unlike any bar tab you'll ever run in The Big Apple, affordable as ever—especially with Hopsy’s first-time offer of a 4-pack of growlers at only $20 (with free delivery!).

Um, yes please.

The selection of beers available each month varies depending on what local breweries have to offer, but one thing is always guaranteed: you're getting local, independent, tasty as hell, quality beers that will make every day taste and feel a whole lot better.

    Stock up on what you love, discover what you've never had or found before, and support the local breweries that make it possible without having to angle your way into crowded happy hours or suffer the ever-surprising, but always annoying beer from your beer loving friend who insists you'll love it. 

    hopsy_beer 🍺🍺 Happy Monday Everybody! #Mondays #HappyHour 🍺🍺

    Instead, get your Hopsy 4-pack the way you like it. Get a pack of New York favorites, or something specifically suited to the tastes and brews you already love. 

    Say goodbye to stumbling into Duane Reade (why are you even doing that?) after a long day at work to pick up whatever 6-pack they have hanging around on the shelves.

    Sign up for Hopsy’s growler delivery today, and come home to pure happiness in a glass every single day. 

    Check Out Hopsy Right Here & Never Have to Hunt for Delicious Craft Beer Again.

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