When you wake up in the morning, and the alarm gives out a warning, do you know you'll never make it on time?

We know the feeling. As does Zach Morris, who for 5 seasons charmed the pants off of every adolescent human who tuned in to the 90s classic, Saved By The Bell

It was a show that defined a generation, making sick days at home that much better and convincing us that stonewashed jeans were something we could totally pull off. 

And now, you can relive Bayside in all its 90s glory at a brand new pop up diner and bar. 

Saved by the Max, coming to Wicker Park, Chicago on June 1st, will be modeled after The Max, a frequent hang out of Zach Morris and his friends.

The establishment will only be open for a month, but while it's around, promises a full menu as well as Bayside-inspired cocktails (whatever that means). 

And thank goodness you kept all your old scrunchies, because guests can also look forward to costume parties and 90s dance parties. YAS. 


Saved by the Max has yet to announce any plans to open in New York City, but given the amount of themed restaurants it is currently host to, it doesn't seem out of the question.


We'll be waiting by our absurdly over-sized cell phones for the call. 

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[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy KSHB.com]