The iconic lead of New York's beloved Sex and the City posse is taking four lucky ticket holders on a glamorous NYC tour, hosted by Airbnb.

Actress, producer, and successful businesswoman, Sarah Jessica Parker, has planned out the ultimate day, for a small group, to spend some time exploring trademark sites which she feels best encompass what she loves so dearly about this city.

Starting off of course, at none other than Bloomingdale's 59th street, an incredibly iconic NYC location, especially in the eyes of the fashion community. 

And more importantly for this particular outing, it's where Parker's shoe line is available. 

Each member of the tour will get to take home a pair (with the help of the designer/tour guide of course). Then they will leisurely make their way to a taste of what SJP considers to be the best frozen yogurt in New York, Forty Carrots


After a bit more time spent exploring the city, the group will be sent off to finish off the night with a fancy evening show at the New York City Ballet, which the actress describes as "one of the greatest cultural experiences anyone can have in NY."

The big day will be held on October 6th, and tickets are $400 each. So this bunch will be a particularly passionate group of fans. 


But we simply cannot deny that this day is sure to be surreal. And to top it all off, all proceeds from the tickets will be given directly towards the New York City Ballet!

[Feature Image Courtesy HBO] [via Gothamist]