Burn... Notice! Check Out This Hilarious Comic Comparing NYC and San Francisco

A battle that has been fought throughout the ages has a hilarious outcome.

East Coast vs. West Coast is one of the oldest fights in history. Well, maybe not oldest but it is one of the most prevalent on the Internet. And if you're a rapper in the 90's it was practically war.

But, if you're Sarah Cooper who a year ago moved from New York to San Francisco, you can boil down the raging argument to a few hysterical comics that show the differences between the two cities.

The comic series titled New York City vs. San Francisco Part Deux is a sequel to her first hilarious comparison between the cities.


Now, we may be a bit biased but we still think NYC is the better of the two. We recently beat them in terms of how expensive it is to comfortably live there. But, hey, we got nothing but love for those crazy San Franciscans.

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[via The Cooper Review]