This Stuffed Pizza Dough Sandwich Is About to Become Your New Obsession 🍕🇮🇹

As New Yorkers, the consumption of pizza is integral to who we are as human beings. Everyone’s got their favorite go-to spot and we constantly debate which is NYC’s best.

But what if there was a new on-the-fly way to consume all the components of pizza in an easy, grab-n-go form? Enter the panuozzo.

What’s this mysterious panuozzo, you ask? It’s not a calzone. It’s not a panini. It’s not a stromboli. Say hello to pizza’s newest cousin.

Panuozzo is a flatbread made of warm pizza dough, sliced lengthwise and stuffed with all kinds of savory and sweet goodness. Then, it’s thrown back into the oven to meld all the flavors into one cohesive sandwich. Visually, it resembles an oversized, hefty panini.

This pizza dough sandwich originates in southern Italy, just outside Naples, but no one’s done more to popularize the panuozzo in NYC than San Matteo Pizzeria e Cucina on the Upper East Side. New Yorkers loved the specialty dish so much that San Matteo expanded their options.

They offer twelve different varieties stuffed with Italian specialty goodies that are both savory or sweet. Our favorites include the Mortadella e Melanzine, jam-packed with mortadella, marinated eggplant, and smoked Buffalo mozzarella and the Di Bartolomei, overstuffed with roast pork, homemade mozzarella, and micro arugula. Yum!

But nothing compares to their sugary option because why not indulge in panuozzo for lunch, dinner, and dessert? We’re all adults here — you can’t tell us what to do! Billed as “your diet’s worst enemy,” this panuozzo is layered with creamy gelato, rich Nutella drizzle inside and out and topped with nuts and powdered sugar.

And, as if you needed another reason to dig in, Italian Restaurant Week is November 12-19. Reservations are filling up quick so get yours ASAP — trust us, this is one sandwich you do not want to miss.

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