Hopefully, you've had the opportunity to hit up the Feast of San Gennaro in year's past. 

If not, you have been missing out on some amaaaazing Italian food and should feel ashamed of yourself.  Okay, that might be going to far, sorry, but definitely head down to Little Italy starting September 15th (until the 25th) if you have the chance.

Besides the amazing food which is, hands down, the best reason to attend, the celebration also features other free activities. 

Like live music and we're sorry, we have to get back to food– the grand Cannoli Eating Contest.

On Friday, September 16th, a pastry-eating champion will be crowned; they'll win $250 and the first runner-up will be consoled by $100. 

Not bad, considering they'll also technically be taking all the cannoli they just scarfed down.

If you think about it that way, anyone who participates is a winner! YAY! 

This year, for the very first time, according to Time Out, the contest is opened to the masses and not just professional eaters, so you too can take home the glory of shoving cream-filled pastries down your throat in front of a crowd.


If this sounds like the type of challenge you're ready to take on, you have to register –call 212-764-6300 Monday-Friday, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. 


If you're just down to watch the spectacle, that's cool too, just make sure you head over to the Feast Performance Stage at the corner of Grand and Mott at least half-an-hour early to get a good seat. If you're not down with scarfing sh*t down real fast, get a cannoli on your own time.

[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy Yelp]