A lot of great things happen on boats. 

A dude named Ishmael met a cool whale. Spielberg reminded us all of our humanity with that "We're gonna need a bigger boat" line. Rose made a name for herself by kicking her man Jack off a floating door. Okay, so we're not so sure how cool that last one is.

If you don't know about Swale, then girl. you better get your boat shoes on cuz we about to get all up in this DIY cruise ship.

Swale is a call to action. It asks us to reconsider our food systems, to confirm our belief in food as a human right and to pave pathways to create public food in public space.

Says Mary Mattingly, Swale's founding artist. 


If their mission statement wasn't cool enough, they'll be teaming up with local event organizers in September for exclusive food and beverage tastings. Explore the fruitful (literally) gardens while sampling choice new liqueurs, all while drifting off into what we can only imagine will be a spectacular sunset. 

The floating fun boat sets sail on Wednesday, September 20 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Pier 25 on West and North Moore Streets. Tickets are $45.


Now that's something we can get on board for. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Swale] [via Time Out] 

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