Sugar fiends and foodies beware! 

Some of New York's most delectable desserts might just be on executive chef Rory Macdonald's musically-themed tasting menu. The new line-up will take center stage beginning September 7th at a new space opening below Patisserie Chanson in Flatiron. 

Found during the shop's construction, it turns out this space was once a gambling school and speakeasy.

Their history is paid tribute to on the menu with cocktail titles like "Poker Alice," and visually in the venue's playing-card motif.

For $68, this innovative dessert bar will serve up a can't miss six-course roster incorporating truffled popcorn, apple and jalapeno compote, and sea salt gelato.


These sweet and savory dishes aim to please the palate by hitting flavorful "notes" to evoke the restaurants titular "Chanson"- french for song. Presentations will also be top-notch on these sinfully sweet offerings, and will will range from smoke to liquid pours– definitely insta-worthy!

If you'd like some adult accompaniment to what I'm sure is a swankier upgrade to your wildest childhood dreams, drink pairings catered to enhance your experience are also available.


Reservations are recommended due to limited seating, and are available online now at their website. If you have a refined sweet tooth and an evening to spare, we'd recommend that you get clicking soon.

[Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist] [via The Gothamist] 

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