ICYMI, last October, the CEO of SpareRoom, Rupert Hunt hosted a search for two roommates to share his super luxe West Village loft.

The catch? Or really, the opposite of a catch. Is there a word for that? Anyway, Rupert sent out his ad with one pretty attractive draw: rent for each roommate would only be $1 a month. Understandably, the campaign went viral.

After receiving nearly 9,000 applicants, and narrowing it down to 6 finalists (check out their video applications here), Rupert made his decision.

So far, the trio has been co-habitating for about a month, and it looks like the well-thought out decision, one that took a couple of weeks actually, was a good choice.

Apparently, even after the house party, the decision was only more difficult, because unanimously, all 6 of the finalists got along really well.

However, Rupert's shared entrepreneurial spirit tipped the scales in favor of Cyrus and Jacob, who both have dreams of running businesses in New York. 

Cyrus sells unique skis that he developed himself, and without the burden of rent, he's been able to quit his window cleaning day job to focus on his business. Jacob, after raising over $600,000 for Save the Elephants, left college to pursue starting a viral marketing agency in NYC.

Since Rupert himself lived rent-free with his parents for 6 months to start his own company, SpareRoom, he understands not only how much of a privilege it is to be unburdened by rent, but can also share his experience of growing a business from the ground up.


After bribing Rupert with a number of elephant pots (jokes!  ...kind of...), you may have caught us on FB Live, where we were lucky enough to chat to the three of them for a while at their unofficial-official housewarming party. 

If you missed it, you can still catch the whole thing, including our blatant heckling of this random person who was really into Craigslist, below: 


[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]