We're always looking for fun things to do in the city, because it seems like there are an infinite amount of things to do, everywhere you turn. 

But this time, we want to send you out of the bustling Manhattan norm, and onto Long Island (pronounced Lawng Eye-lind.) 

The Bubble Run is coming to Nikon Jones Beach Theater on September 30th, and you should probably sign the f*ck up. 

If you've ever thought about doing a Tough Mudder but hate the idea of mud and anything tough, then this 3 mile bubbly event is more up your alley. 

Think of it as a more sudsy, clean version of the run, where your exercise is just a frolic through massive bubble orbs! TBH, this sounds like a DREAM. 


You do need to register for this event, and the early-bird price of $20 ends today! So if you're planning on going, you best get on it A$AP.

The regular price is $50, but kids 4 and under can race for free with a fully paid adult registration, because toddlers probably love bubbles, but should be chaperoned. Le duh. 

Since this 5k is already gaining loads of interest, the first heat of runners starting at 8 a.m. is sold out! But the second heat, starting at 9 a.m., is still on. Make sure you get there a bit early to get ready and stretch dem stems (legs), then small groups of runners will be released every minute or so.


As for preparing for the race, try to pick up your packet information the day prior to the race. If you cannot make it to the pickup, you can reserve your ticket for $5 and pick up everything on the day of the race. 

Happy bubbling, hope to see you guys there!

[Feature Image Courtesy The Move 66 Audio] [via Time Out New York]